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Prem speaks to patients in Sicily, Italy at a clinic for eating disorders. He asks us about the problems and issues in life and where our focus is. What is the meaning of wellbeing and the whole issue of peace? First, you must understand yourself and that you are in charge of your life. The breath comes into you and you are alive. From the time you arrive until you go, your time on Earth. In your time, what do you want to do? Time is neither good nor bad. It just contains what you do. The key is how you fill your time.

If you want peace, you have to feel good from the inside. Wellbeing is only from the inside. If the foundation is not there the rest of the structure won’t be there. Even with the best ingredients, with no fire you cannot cook. A human being is well when they have traded arrogance for humility. A human being is well when they have brought in generosity and traded it for greed. This is when you start to become human, when a being becomes intrigued with his or her existence.

We read the newspaper so we know what is happening in the world, but how do we know what is happening within us. When you begin to pay attention to the self you are synchronized with Socrates who said Know thyself. To make that happen is wisdom. You will change. Once you were small and couldn’t walk or talk. Everyone started with knowing nothing and then started a process of change that lasts your whole life. It is because of this change and friction in life that you can find wellbeing. You are your own best doctor. Being conscious and aware are the medicines for having peace.

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