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In this week’s riveting podcast TV presenter Anne Igartiburu interviews Prem in Madrid about his book and the power of storytelling. He speaks about taking advantage of the opportunities we have in life so we can understand who we are.

They discuss how to face violence and create peace. We as human beings have to change and make a decision to say no. It is necessary to remove the “me” and bring in the “us”. It is about making a shift in consciousness and rethinking our ways of being. 

Through the course of the interview, Prem answers a variety of questions from the audience. He urges us to learn to value our time and emphasizes the power of memories. He tells us of the children of Fukoshima and their joy at receiving books and how the message has touched their hearts.

He goes on to describe how to keep our inner light glowing despite all challenges. Prem touches upon clarity and the importance of peace without compromise.
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