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Hear Yourself: How to find peace in a noisy world is a book full of wisdom and personal stories from Prem. This new book, authored by Prem Rawat, explores the most important fact - You Are Alive, what you do with that life is up to you. 

“Just a moment of positive choosing can be the start of a life changing journey through self-knowledge to inner calm, focus, contentment and peace.”

Hear Yourself is now available in Spanish and Italian. The English version will be available in 2021.  

One reader, Pedro Rubio, has this to say, “I love it! For me it is an intimate and very human story. A careful and courageous invitation to discover your essence. A journey within yourself that reveals, in a simple and profound way, the roots of inner peace.” 

Carmen Alvarez, another reader commented simply, “Great book. Extraordinary message!” 

Now in French
More information about the book in French here or purchase the book here.

Read more about the book in Spanish here or buy it in Spanish from Amazon here. 
More information in Italian here or purchase the book here.