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It takes courage to have hope. Many people in their lives, they see things not going their way; they start losing hope—and the next thing you know, calamity.
But it takes courage to have hope; it takes courage to have clarity. And when there is that courage, (ha!) this is what’s beautiful.
If you get angry, you know what you will be rewarded by? Anger. Just think about it, right? You get angry, you’ll be rewarded by anger. What is the reward of anger? Either you will get more angry.... Maybe you begin by being angry with your friend, and the next thing you know, you’re also angry with yourself, for being angry at your friend.
Anger rewards anger. Anger begets anger. Fear rewards fear—you get afraid of being afraid. And that’s when it really sets in. It’s more than the boogeyman in the closet. Now you’re afraid to be in the room; you’re afraid to be alive. “Oh my God....”
But what is the reward of hope? It brings you more hope. What is the reward of joy? It brings you more joy. What is the reward of happiness? It brings you more happiness. What is the reward of knowledge? It brings you more knowledge.
What is the reward of being content? It brings you more contentment. What is the reward of knowing? It brings you more knowing. This is how it is.
– Prem Rawat