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On March 15, Prem Rawat spoke in Cancun, Mexico to a small, socially distanced audience to support the growth of the Peace Education Program in the country. His speech focused on empowering listeners to find joy and appreciation even in the face of unprecedented challenges. “You judge your life by what you don’t have. You need to start judging your life by what you do have. And what you do have is the peace, the tranquility, the joy, the kindness that is all inside of you. There is a lit candle inside of each human being. And we suffer in darkness because we are not allowing that light to express itself in our lives,” he said. “A training should impart to you the potential that you already have. The Peace Education Program is about fulfilling your potential—knowing and understanding what it means to be alive.”

The Peace Education Program is the flagship initiative by The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) with participants in 50 countries in the last year. TPRF makes the workshop series available to people  all over the world and any individual or organization can apply to TPRF for a free license to offer the course to interested groups.

“During these challenging times, the collaboration and enthusiasm shown by representatives of groups and organizations in the Quintana Roo State of Mexico is particularly encouraging. We look forward to working together to respond to their requests to make this transformative course widely available,” says Peace Education Program Director Willow Baker. The La Jornada Maya newspaper reported that “In the context of the pandemic, it has been a ‘balm’ to alleviate a little of the pain and uncertainty that we human beings suffer.”

To learn more about the event and the work of The Prem Rawat Foundation in Mexico visit their website here.