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I say to people all around the world ... “Look, heaven is right here! Heaven is right here! And if you haven’t found it, you’re in hell!” (That’s my definition of heaven and hell.) It’s ... it’s not about getting baked.... It’s not about getting fried; it’s not about getting toasted; this is not a cooking show. [laughter]

There is a heaven ... and if you are not in that heaven ... then you’re in the other place. It’s as simple as that!

If you haven’t found your heaven now ... here! ... then you won’t even know what heaven is. Because it is here ... that you have ... that expression!—expression ... of life; this is what peace is.

(Yeah so, I know, I know-I-know-I-know—when I say the word “peace,” the first thing is like, “some vegetable ... like an okra ....”) [laughter]

No, that’s not peace. A person in peace is highly dynamic! A person in peace is highly dynamic. And they make that effort ... the effort ... to be ... a fulfilled human. No more. There’s nothing greater as a gift ... that you could be given.