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We have a program that is initiated by TPRF, The Prem Rawat Foundation. And one of the things that the Foundation puts out is the Peace Education Program—and we call it “PEP.” The PEP has just started a few years back, and it’s one of the most incredible programs around the world.

It first started from prisons. All of a sudden, the prison officials noted that the inmates that had gone through the Peace Education Program had the lowest rate of return when they were released. So they started taking a look at “what is this?” And the University of Texas San Antonio, who specializes in monitoring all of this, became really, really fascinated by the program.

Since then, this program spreads from India to South Africa, to America, to Europe, to the Pacific. And people write to me, and they’re saying, “If I knew about this before, I would not be here.” People ask us, “Please show this program to my children so they don’t end up like me.”

What does this program really deal with? This program deals with people and their choices. It says, “What choice you made has brought you here. And what choice you make will get you out of here.”

This program, since then, is not now limited to prisons anymore. Now it has spread to the veterans—these are the soldiers coming back from the war—police, army, universities, colleges, libraries, hospice, hospitals, doctors, through the whole spectrum.

Maybe we have not gone through the Peace Education Program, but what choices do we make every day? Our choices, each one of us—our choices are going to have an influence on this world.

– Prem Rawat