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Discover what’s right in your life on any given day.

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Prem Rawat:

You are pure. But your purity is contaminated by the noise that you allowed to echo between your ears. You memorize that which causes you pain and suffering. You ignore that that can bring you comfort. Comfort. In your hard times, there is something so precious in you that wants to comfort you: “It’s okay! You are alive.” And so far you are alive, believe you me, everything is okay.

Your life, my friends, cannot possibly be, nor is it about what is wrong—but your existence is because of what is right. Do you accept that? (Not everybody.) I’m not saying there aren’t things that are not right! There may be a lot that is wrong! But should that define you? Or what is right define you?

And if this breath comes into you, this is right. It’s not wrong; this is right. If you feel the peace in your life, this is right. If you thirst for joy, this is right! This is right. If you want to feel good, (now we can talk about, “Should that be called ‘happiness’ or this or that,” whatever). But if you want to feel good, that’s right. That’s right.

What are you looking for? What do you want? However old you are, whatever you’ve been through. I’m sure things have happened to you that you want revenge for. Fine. You won’t hear that. You would hear, like, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, you shouldn’t have those feelings.” I’m like, “Yeah. Sure.”

Because what is wrong is wrong, is wrong! And you cannot just simply wish it away! But you can focus—and choose to be with what is right! Because when you choose the wrong, that doesn’t make the right go away!

Choose the right, what is right. This will have an impact on your life. This will empower you to live your life consciously, to stay away from the noise and accept the truth of your existence. This will give you the context you need to value each breath that comes into you. This will give you the context to have gratitude for every single day that you are alive.

And that gratitude has a way of putting a smile on your face like nothing else can make you smile. Because that gratitude is the final result of everything being right. Not about wrong. Everything being right.