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This year marks Prem Rawat’s 49th year of bringing his timeless message of personal peace to the West. While the message remains the same, the world around us continues to rapidly change. In June of 1971, at the age of 13, Prem traveled from Northern India to the United Kingdom, where he had the opportunity to speak in front of thousands during the music and performing arts event, Glastonbury Festival. 

In July of that same year, he traveled to Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Colorado, and Canada, all during his summer school break. He addressed audiences hearing him for the first time, ranging from 50 to 10,000 people. His message––then and now–– is to understand the precious nature of life and to discover the peace within. In the 49 years since, Prem has traveled nearly nonstop, speaking in more than 250 cities and reaching hundreds of millions of people. His unwavering pursuit of sharing his message of inner peace continues. 

Join us in celebrating this achievement and in looking forward to the 50th anniversary next year.