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The latest stop on Prem’s journey talking about the possibility of obtaining personal peace saw him talk in Bareilly, a district in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, to an audience of over 300,000. The event took place on Sunday 2nd December and lasted for three hours.

During this current tour, Prem has so far talked to management students at Indian Institutes of Management, media and masses gathered in lakhs. He’s also attended a media conference in Delhi on the topic of "Media for Humanity and Peace". This conference was broadcast by several TV stations reaching over 370 million.

In Lucknow, he addressed post graduate students in the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, while in Ranchi over 200,000 people from the surrounding areas came to listen to him with Governor and Chief Minister in the audience.

People flocked in to the event ground hours ahead of schedule to listen to Prem in cold weather – spectacular images of the beautiful crowd sitting in the outdoor arena are included below.

Prem started by talking about people feeling over-burdened. He said, “The elders, youngers, family members, citizens, politicians, police etcetera, in fact everyone is overloaded and unhappy, but what do they want? They want joy, happiness but they are so busy that they feel overburdened!"

Talking about life he said, “There are two walls. You came from one when you were born. Where were you before? Nobody knows! You are alive today. There is the other wall, which you have to go. Where will you go? Nobody knows! Nobody will be able to keep contact with you. So whatever you want to do, you have to do between these two walls and if you want to quench your thirst to be happy to fulfill your heart, do it now!"

Asserting further about heaven and hell Prem said that these are just assumptions and there is no heaven above in the sky. He has seen while flying planes above the clouds at the high altitude and there is no heaven there. The truth is that the divine resides in every one of us.

Prem stressed that all countries are spending heavily for warfare and at the same time there are people who think that the end of war is peace. But this is not the fact. The fact is that peace resides inside each of us and one needs to go inside to locate it.

Talking about good and bad Prem said, “I say to the people that both good and bad are inside of you. You have both anger and compassion inside of you. You have knowledge and ignorance, light and darkness, love and hatred, hell and heaven all inside of you. But this body is a means to know: to know the coming and going of this breath, to know about this blessing”.

During his time on stage Prem also spoke of greed: “A greedy person can’t enjoy anything he has. The very nature of a person is that when he starts enjoying something the greed fades away”.

With very simple analogy and words Prem once said, “I speak from the heart and I came here for one reason – if I am able to touch your heart and if my words help to bring joy in your life then all these things, this program and this arrangement, is successful because people have worked hard to make this event possible and people have come from very distant areas travelling overnight in buses”.

Prem took some questions asked by the people around the world and answered in simple words, talking about real meaning of good and bad, happiness and joy, which the audience of over 300,000 listened to in pin-drop silence. The event was also broadcast to Anjan TV’s audience of 38 million.