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Prem Rawat hosted a landmark event at the Stein Studio, Colombo, on 30 October 2018, in front of a packed audience of over 2,500 people, including government officials, media, business, and international humanitarian organizations, to celebrate the impact of the Peace Education Programme (PEP) in Sri Lanka, and to share his vision that Peace is Possible.

PEP was first introduced to Sri Lanka in February 2017, and in little under two years has successfully been launched in a range of organizations including educational establishments, corporations and particularly in the correctional and rehabilitation sectors.

As Prem shared personal stories of hope and healing from around the world, to a captivated and large audience, a special and very personal gathering took place on the sidelines. A group of ex-combatants, rehabilitation officers and counsellors shared with Prem their own personal stories of endurance, misunderstandings, anger, rejection, regret and compassion, and the new understanding they gained from the PEP.

Sri Lanka has taken great strides to heal the wounds of the civil conflict. In the years thereafter the focus turned to rehabilitating 12,000 ex-combatants, helping them to overcome the scars and integrate back into their communities and look forward to a better life. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Rehabilitation and Resettlement, Northern Development and Hindu Religious Affairs, PEP is rekindling real hope of peace and happiness.

During the public event Prem spoke of how one lit candle can light others. The PEP participants knew already of this possibility through their PEP study. And in the open and safe pleasant environment he created, they poured their hearts out. Many choking with tears, told him that through the study of PEP, they know now that real appreciation leads to gratitude and understanding. They told him that they feel they have regained their dignity and with it the courage to carve out a new path.