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Prem’s new step-by-step guide to achieving Peace, Education and Knowledge (PEAK) has launched. The nine chapters - more than six hours of video in total - provide you with a rich, coherent journey to deeper self-understanding and knowledge.

Prem comments: “Earlier this year, I took some time to reflect on my personal journey. I started travelling the world at 14 , and I’ve been so grateful to speak to over 15 million people since. To hear their stories. Their quests. Their journeys. PEAK is a collective reflection of everything I have learned from each of these individuals. I hope the series brings you the same stillness of spirit that meeting so many fascinating people over the years brought me”.

Developed over many decades, this simple but profound journey of understanding enables you to reach a clear sense of who you are and unlock the wonderful opportunities available to each one of us. From clarity to gratitude, peace to hope: each chapter explores familiar ideas with a fresh approach, encouraging you to rethink, reconsider, and rediscover what makes you unique. After the last chapter, you’ll have the option to continue your journey and learn practical techniques for uncovering the peace already within you.

There is one timeless message that runs throughout the process, the golden thread that ties the nine chapters together: peace is possible when you start with yourself. There is no person, place, product or philosophy that holds as much truth as already exists within you.

But how to begin?

The extraordinary presentations by Prem Rawat which comprise the PEAK process provide you with the clarity and knowledge you seek, but go further too, showing how we can, together, inspire peace in our communities and the wider world.

PEAK is offered at no charge by TimelessToday, the multimedia company that produces content inspired by PremRawat. Learn how you can enroll, and embark on what is truly the journey of a lifetime.