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On August 13th, Prem spoke to a group of 60 inmates at Metro-West Detention Center in Miami, Florida after a kind invitation from Counselor Terrance Matthews.

The event was originally cancelled because of a major water main bursting close to the prison which resulted in all the inmates being confined to their cells. Fortunately, and following a heartfelt conversation between Prem and Counselor Matthews at Prem’s author event the next day, Prem made a point of revisiting the Center to fulfil the invitation a few weeks later, while travelling in a neighbouring state.

Many of the inmates had been in the program for two years or longer, and spoke warmly about the benefits they have experienced. As one inmate told Prem, “Your message resonates in my heart”.

Prem was deeply moved by the depth of expressions and heartfelt appreciation from the inmates who shook hands with him as he left the event.

He later met with the governor of the correctional facility to discuss the Peace Education Program (PEP).