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On 7 July, global peace ambassador Prem Rawat spoke at an exclusive author event at Ziff Ballet Opera House. The occasion marked the launch of the Spanish language book in the US and will be the 160th event Prem has appeared at in Miami since 1972.

Prem shared messages from his best-selling book, Splitting the Arrow: Understanding the Business of Life, which recently reached the No. 1 position on Penguin Random House’s Spanish non-fiction list. In Splitting the Arrow, Prem presents a selection of stories drawn from his talks and travels around the world. These stories transcend different cultures and address the business of life: what success and prosperity really mean.

Prem’s public addresses are unscripted and unrehearsed and provide his audiences with the opportunity to experience his message in person. Prem Rawat’s appearance in Miami follows his recent UK tour, during which he made his Peace Education Programme available to all Londoners over the age of 14 as a way of helping tackle the rise of violent crime across the capital. The programme, first devised to help rehabilitate convicted prisoners, will be rolled out in partnership with London community centres, activists, schools and youth clubs.

A replay of the Miami event can be found at