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“Ultimately, what I do is give you a mirror so you can start seeing your inner self clearly.” – Prem Rawat, “Hear Yourself”

If you haven't logged onto in a while, you've missed a wide variety of informative and inspiring content. What follows are links to some of what's been posted since June, 2022. Enjoy!

Glastonbury Mayor and Council Award Prem Rawat “Key of Avalon”

How Has the Practice of Knowledge Changed My Life for the Better?

Hear Yourself Soon to Be Published in German

Glastonbury Fair, 1971: Testimonials

Excerpts from Prem Rawat’s Key of Avalon Acceptance Speech

Follow Up to Prem Rawat’s May 28 UK Event

Prem Rawat’s Livestreamed Milan Knowledge Review

What Is Life: Tim Freke’s YouTube Interview with Prem Rawat

Update on Prem Rawat’s Amaroo Peace Event in Queensland, Australia