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During his visit to Malaysia Prem will be participating in the Grand Finals of a hugely exciting storytelling competition on Saturday October 27th.

The event, organised by Kifubon Malaysia in partnership with Navagon Digital Sdn Bhd, is aimed at promoting the unrivalled importance of reading books with valuable lessons. The competition has whittled down the original 500 participants to a final 28 who will be contending for the title of Champion Storyteller. These finalists are aged from seven to 14 and will be competing under four different categories.

Short stories from Prem’s latest book, Splitting the Arrow – Understanding the Business of Life¸ will be retold and explained by many of the students. Splitting the Arrow – a book which seeks to bring out your inner smiles – includes a selection of stories which provide advice on life, success and relationships, based on Prem’s own talks and travels around the world.

The four winners will have the opportunity to meet and talk with Prem later that day where he will be giving a talk titled ‘Peace is possible – Find your inner strength’ at the same venue.

The founder of Kifubon, Mr. Yutaka Kinoshita, will be in attendance for the story-telling competition. The Kifubon Project (Kifubon means to share in Japanese) focuses on providing books for social benefits. The initiative exists because of the generosity of people buying and donating copies of books to the individual projects, which are then distributed by the teams to worthy recipients. The Kifubon Project was initially set up by Bunya Publishing and has since made donations to orphanages, prisons, youth education groups and schools in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Cambodia and beyond.