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This week, Prem continues his tour of Malaysia by giving the keynote address for KIND Malaysia, which took place on Wednesday October 24th. The two-day event at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre is titled “Connecting Corporates with Civil Society” and has a central theme this year of “Partnership for Humanity”.

The conference aims to share, inspire, encourage and recognise responsible businesses to do more for the improvement of life in the societies we live and operate in – a theme which Prem is constantly exploring on his global travels.
The event was attended by approximately 60 exhibitors, including organisations such as Orphancare Foundation and Great Heart Charity Association, and featured a meet and greet with VIPs and Ministers such as the Secretary General for the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, who led the opening ceremony.

During his time in Malaysia, Prem also took his message of peace to the nation via a live interview with national state broadcaster Bernama TV, and Lite FM radio station on October 24th. We’ll be posting a link and quotes from Prem’s interview as soon as possible, so keep an eye on this page!
Prior to Malaysia, Prem visited Japan where he took part in several public events and media engagements. As part of this he spoke at an event on the subject of peace, having visited the Hiroshima Memorial Park the day before to lay flowers at the place where the first atomic bomb was dropped.