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During his visit to Hiroshima described in the previous news item, Prem delivered an incredibly powerful and impromptu speech which explored the circumstances surrounding the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima, a moment never to be forgotten in human history.

The internationally renowned speaker shared his thoughts at the International Conference Centre, Hiroshima at an event hosted by Bunya Publishing. This address was followed by a discussion with Dr. Masato Honma (Vice President of the Kyoto University of Art and Design) and Hideki Yabuhara (The Art of Deep Listening).

During his remarks Prem emphasised the power of the present and the importance of peace for mankind, an achievement that Prem expects will be humanity’s greatest achievement.

During this improvised speech, Prem at one point explored the importance of individual peace being the core basis upon which societal and international peace can be built – an extract of which is included below:

So, let me tell you what peace is.
Peace is all that is good in you.
Peace is the serenity in you.
Peace is the kindness in you.
Peace is gentleness in you.
Peace is the understanding in you.
Peace is the appreciation in you.
Peace is the light in your heart.
Peace is the joy in you.
Peace is the Divine in you.
Peace is the acceptance of the blessing in you.
Peace is the coming and going of this breath in you.
Peace is the beauty that you are.

A replay of the event will be made available in on