Fifty-five years ago this July, Prem Rawat accepted the responsibility of bringing self-knowledge to humanity. And fifty years ago in June, Prem boarded a plane, as a thirteen-year-old, with a vision to bring his message of peace to the West.

50th Anniversary Celebration of Prem Rawat’s arrival in the United States

On this special 55th anniversary, we celebrate Prem Rawat’s extraordinary commitment to bringing the gift of peace to anyone who wants it.

Prem will be speaking at a public event on Saturday, the 31rst of July in the United States. TimelessToday will livestream this event. 

 “My father had hoped that one day I might share his understanding of self-knowledge with people overseas—with all of humanity, in fact. After he passed, my own life’s purpose suddenly became clear to me: I had to continue his work, sharing the message that peace is possible—wherever people might listen, all around the world. It was a pretty bold ambition for such a young boy, but it felt obvious that’s what I needed to do.”

- Prem Rawat from Hear Yourself


The Indian poet Kabir put it like this:

Be quiet in your mind, quiet in your senses, and also quiet in your body.
Then when all these are quiet, don’t do anything.
In that state truth will reveal itself to you.

Prem Rawat event - Buxar, North India, 2017

Buxar, North India, 2017

London, U.K. Circa 1973

London, U.K. Circa 1973

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