Prem Rawat on SABC Newsroom

…”Internationally renowned activist, Prem Rawat was in the country to address the audience on the themes of eliminating violence through reconciliation, hope and forgiveness through a unique Peace Education Program. Now we spoke to Prem Rawat and asked him how the process of healing should begin.”

The Lite Breakfast With Prem Rawat, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

October, 2016
This morning we speak with Prem Rawat, Peace Ambassador and founder of the Prem Rawat Foundation. #thelitebreakfast

Prem Rawat in conversation with Chrissie Lloyd
BBC Radio - Bristol

BBC Radio Bristol – Livvy and Chrissie Show
Interviewer: Chrissie Lloyd

June, 2016.
“You’ve been around the world many times. You’ve spoken to all sorts of people. Prime Ministers, Archbishops, small intimate arenas, huge arenas. Has there ever been a standout moment for you that you can say, “I remember that!”?”

Rádio e Televisão de Portugal
Prem Rawat in Conversation with Antonio Mateus
Maria Rosàs, Barcelona, Spain

23rd June 2016.
A short extract from a longer interview with  award winning  journalist Antonio Mateus for his news documentary programme “Watching the World” broadcast on Portuguese national broadcaster, RTP on 23rd June 2016.

Radio Interview with Prem Rawat
Umhlobo Wenene fm, South Africa.

August, 2016
“Does being aware help sometimes, being aware of your inside of your inside of what you are. Does it help sometime to get to that level of finding inner peace or finding yourself?…”

Peace Ambassador Prem Rawat
on what is needed for South Africa

Prem Rawat, is known to many as a peace ambassador and it began at a very young age. Today he joins The Complimentary Breakfast to share his journey of peace with us, especially with South Africa’s current reality.

Prem Rawat in conversation with the Wild Wise Women
Assembly Radio, South Africa.

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May 2016.
A short extract from a longer interview with Assembly Radio in Cape Town, South Africa.

Peace in Humanity
SABC Morning Live TV, Cape Town.

Prem Rawat on South African Broadcasting Corporation News on Tuesday 3rd May 2016. is South Africa’s online news portal.

Mr. Gee in Conversation with Prem Rawat
Cape Town TV, South Africa.

“I saw some pictures of you, because you’ve been speaking since the age of four. You were the boy genius, as it were. How can this young boy espousing such wisdom, and I wonder when you look at that young boy, and if you ever do. I was just wondering to myself, would there be any words of wisdom or comfort or advice, if you could offer to that young boy. Because I wonder do you feel like you missed out on a childhood?”

Interview with Ray Wu
on Public Television, Taiwan.

“… we have problems, whether it is with work, family, friends whatever. But you know, we are not happy. And if I may have 3 minutes of your time Mr. Rawat, what would you say to me to let me discover my inner strength…”

Prem Rawat in conversation with Bhushan Dahal
Kantipur TV Network, Nepal

“After listening to you for nearly 40 minutes now, and talking to you, in your different spheres of experiences, one journalistic itch is still there. How do you all fund this? This huge humongous operation that you operate world wide.”

Prem Rawat at the Youth Peace Fest
Rohini, New Delhi, India

The first ever Youth Peace Fest, held at Rohini in New Delhi, enthralled a large audience with an enlightening day dedicated to peace. Focused on promoting the significance of peace in the life of every individual, it was an exceptional event. Take a look. Download the Times Now India’s Election HQ app and get all the election info at one go.

Prem Rawat on Record TV, Brazil

April 2013
Prem Rawat was interviewed by the No.2 TV channel in Brazil, Record TV, immediately before receiving the Citizenship of São Paulo. Concerned with building a culture of peace within Brazil, Record TV asked questions of Prem Rawat about his message of peace and how Brazil might benefit.

Prem Rawat in Conversation with Giovanna Tassi
General Director of Ecuador Public Radio and Television

Giovanna Tassi, the General Director of Ecuador Public Radio and Television, interviewed Ambassador of Peace Prem Rawat during one of his visits to Ecuador. In this excerpt, Prem Rawat speaks about how the message of peace has helped transform gang members in Ecuador, and the importance of each person seeing their own inner beauty.

Prem Rawat in conversation with Cecilia Valenzuela
Willax TV, Lima, Peru

Cecilia Valenzuela, of Willax TV in Lima, Peru, interviews Ambassador of Peace Prem Rawat. In this clip, they discuss using the wide variety of technological tools available for facilitating peace, rather than for waging war.